Bradjack Testnest Tournament

To celebrate BRAD losing his virginity, we’re launching a Bradjack Testnet Tournament to give you degens an early look before BRADS liquidity is added and you can bet on mainnet!

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We’re doing a tournament on Ropsten testnet to see who can win the most BRADS! The top 3 winners on testnet will receive an airdrop prize once the game gets pushed to mainnet! GRAND PRIZE IS 1 ETH +

1st place: 1 ETH, 1 YTHO, 5000 BRDS
2nd place: 1 YTHO, 5000 BRDS
3rd place: 2500 BRDS
4th place: YOU SUCK

To enter, all you need is to own ANY amount of YTHO and you’ll be airdropped testnet BRDS to play!

The tournament will start on Wednesday Feb 10 at 10pm UTC when the first round of 10,000 BRDS (ropsten testnet) will be airdropped to each YTHO hodler. Addresses will be checked daily on Etherscan and airdrops sent to new YTHO hodlers each day at 10pm UTC until Thursday Feb 18.

The tournament will end on Friday Feb 19 at 10pm UTC. Whoever stacked the most BRADS wins! To be eligible to receive the prize, you need to be connected with us on telegram, twitter, or discord. (Note: on-chain activity is visible and anyone who sends or receives BRDS will be disqualified from the tournament).

BRDS contract address: 0x37632d10812637f96405FFD78d9512791747282c

Be sure to switch your Metamask wallet to “Ropsten Test Network” and add the BRDS contract address to see the tokens in your wallet. The tournament can be accessed from our website or just click this link to start playing. Good luck & have fun you degens!

If you’re not sure how to switch to Ropsten testnet — do some fucking research you noob, how’d you get this deep in DeFi without learning that yet? LOL alright here ya go bud:

Click on your Metamask browser wallet, see where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” — good, now click on that to get the dropdown menu. Then choose “Ropsten Test Network” like below.

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Chose Ropsten Test Network to play in Bradjack Testnet Tournament
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Once you’ve selected it, you should see Ropsten Test Network at the top of your wallet. Now you’re good to start playing! Just be sure to change back to “Ethereum Mainnet” when you’re done so you can do your normal degen activities on-chain.

You’ll need testnet ETH as well, you can get it from any one of various faucets:

Now get that bread!!

For more info, check out our website and connect with us:

YTHO is a DeFi experiment where chads, virgins and degens can put their differences aside and lose money at a table together. Learn more at

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