The highly anticipated move to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is finally here! YTHO Online (YTHO) is rebranding to Mammoth Gaming (TUSK) as we move to BSC and partner with Blizzard.Money to join the Yeti family and help grow the expanding Blizzard ecosystem!

To learn more about Mammoth Gaming and what’s planned, follow this link.

This article below is focused on existing YTHO holders and how to swap for the new TUSK token on BSC.

YTHO is still tradable on Uniswap V2 until Saturday June 19th at 00:00 UTC when liquidity will be removed. You are still able to buy more or sell your holdings until then.

To be airdropped TUSK token on BSC you need to send your YTHO to migration contract below.

Migration Contract: 0x9dD556157bfba9C07eCf0Ff6A0cdd469835e00Cc

Be sure to send YTHO from the address you want to receive the TUSK airdrop on BSC. For each YTHO you send to the contract, you will be sent 1:1 TUSK to your wallet automatically when the farm launches. Be sure to send YTHO to the migration contract by June 20th to ensure you are airdropped right when BSC farming starts on June 21st. You can continue to send YTHO to migration contract through July 19th and TUSK airdrops will be sent out daily.

Note: TUSK token contract is not live yet, wait until the team shares the contract address to ensure you have the correct token!

If you are staking on you should unstake, unwind your LP tokens on Uniswap and send your YTHO to the migration contract. If you farmed BRADS you will be able to claim an exclusive NFT commemorating the memetic origins of Mammoth Gaming.

Now you’re all set! Go back and read the article mentioned above about how TUSK will integrate into the Blizzard ecosystem if you haven’t already. We hope you’re as excited about this move as we are!

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